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Pre-Books & New Product Offers. 

New products for order by the box and/or pallet, unique and ready to sell!


Fall/Winter Naturals Pre-Book

Our Fall/Winter Naturals Pre-Book is a perfect way to stock up on natural décor products. We have hand selected each item in order to offer you easy solutions to your Fall and Winter Holiday décor needs. However, many products can be used year-round for home and event décor. All items are arriving either in Natural (original wood/vine tone) or White (painted finish). These unique products are available for purchase by single unit or by the master case quantity.

Preserved Baby Eucalyptus 

Direct to retail bunches are being offered in 8oz bunch size with eighteen bunches per case, and the bulk or “internal use” bunches are being offered in a 16oz bunch size with ten bunches per case. We also have three custom mixed colour case options available! What a great way to see if Preserved Baby Eucalyptus will work for you and your retail customers. Remind them of the fact that it is a natural spider repellent!


Retail Seed Starter Kits

Grow your own fruits, vegetables & herbs with Seed Started Kits from Holland – the only complete seed-sprouting kit that provides everything you need for successful growth. This unique concept and variety of bestselling seeds guarantees you a successful harvest. Seeds and seed kits offer you and a 2-year shelf life and will keep your kits viable for planting in 2024. Every kit also comes with a retail display stand.

Dry Fall/Winter Consumer Bunches

Our Dry Fall/Winter Collection features consumer bunches of dried flower products from around the world. These ready to go (sleeved and UPC) solid or bouquet bunches are carefully dried and packaged to be able to enjoy all year long!

super moss.png


SuperMoss offers an array of moss materials for all kinds of planting needs. From pre-designed display racks with bestselling products all the way to rocks and sand. Do you have customers that are into Fairy Gardens? Terrariums? Or are you offering custom finishes for your customers plants or planters? You will find it all here.

Portuguese Ceramics & Terracotta   

While known for years for their high-end plastic containers and planter program, Artevasi has branched out in a beautiful way by offering handmade traditional Portuguese pottery as well as industrial made ceramics. Further to that and not to be outdone, they have recently expanded their terracotta operations as well and are offering a full range terracotta line in three colours! This program is booking for Spring 2024. Booking Deadline is August 31, 2023.


Vietnamese Pottery 

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