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Custom Made Garlands


Ordering Your Custom Garlands

      We custom make our garlands from our fresh product in house with a 2-week lead time.

Each garland is made to order with the desired greenery or greenery mix.

We offer Regular, Thick and Extra Thick garlands at a minimum of 10 FT lengths 

(But don't worry they can be easily cut down to size)

Each insert is added in at

12"-16" apart through your garland.


Try our Even mix option for a lush mix of your choice of greens.

*Additional charges will apply for each inserted green*

Call or email us now for a

garland Quote or price list.

Min 2-week lead time

(905) 670-7125

1 (800) 511-7125

Extra Thick Baby Breath.

Regular Even Mix Itl Ruscus/Agonis/Silver $

Regular Even Mix Itl Rususcs/Salal with inserts Silver $/Veragated Pitt

Regular Even Mix Asparagus/Silver $

Regular Even Mix Itl Ruscus/Salal

Extra Thick Even Mix Itl Ruscus/Silver $

Regular Itl Ruscus with Insert Silver $

Regular Itl Rusucus

Regular Even Mix Salal/Seeded Euc

Regular Silver $ with Insert Itl Rusucus

Regular Salal with Insert Silver $

Regular salal with inserts Ilt Ruscus & Silver $

Regular Salal

Regular Itl Rusucs

Regular Seeded Euc

Extra Extra Thick Silver $

Regular Even Mix Salal/Asparagus

Regular Even Mix Seeded Euc/Ilt Ruscus

Extra Thick Even Mix Seeded Euc/Agonis

Thick Even Mix - Itl Ruscus/Salal/Silver$

Regular Cinerea

Regular Silver $

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